Current Status: All systems are operational!

  • Updates coming soon

    ISP Portal search by number field

    Option to archive voicemails

    Ability to add customer address when placing an order

    Add Porting Option For ISP Managed Porting

  • V1.6.1 feature update

    Impersonate Subscriber

    Added feature which allows ISP administrators to impersonate subscribers

    Terminate Subscriber

    Added feature which allows ISPs to terminate subscribers

  • V1.6 bugfix update 1

    Coming bugfixes w/c 18/7/22.

    Bug fixes and improvements.

    Branding separation:
    Fixed bug in branding where sub reseller branding changes main distributor.

    Agent delete:
    Feature to add ability to delete a Agent on a reseller or Distributor.

    Order email notifications:
    Include supporting documentation for automation (csv). Added further fields for easier cost allocation.

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